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Monti-Story Box

Helping children develop the joy of learning by providing hands-on Montessori activities while saving time for parents to build memories with their family.

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Montessori inspired Shelf Activities, Montessori Math Mats, and More

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Observation Journal
Observation Journal: 10 Day Challenge for 10 Minutes
Valentine Day Bundle Image 2
Valentine’s Theme Initial Sound to Picture Matching Activity
Daily Rhythm Cards
Daily Rhythm Cards




We received the Butterfly box and my daughter jumped right in to the activities before I could even take everything out of the box. The activities are very well thought out and made with love. Would definitely recommend and purchase again!
Sandy Yap
Wonderful activities! Very stimulating for my children! I really love the options available! The kids are learning for hours on the projects. I love that they are constantly learning! It really is amazing!
Amanda Bouws

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