10 Ways to Create an Environment that Promotes Concentration

  1. Create an aesthetic environment full of natural materials, clutter free, clean, and complete.
  2. Follow the child and his/her interests.
  3. Model Concentration when presenting a new activity.
  4. Peaceful music in the background helps ground the child and bring them to the activity. When communicating with your child, use a calm and peaceful tone.
  5. Play silence games and model making silence.
  6. Model joy while working and present the activity with slow, exaggerated hand movement. OMIT WORDS!
  7. Do not interrupt child’s work/play. It is how they explore the world around them unless if it is destructive, disruptive, and dangerous.
  8. Create a self-calming space, a reading corner, and a designated art table. This helps bring the order in child’s mind, which in turns helps with concentration.
  9. Opportunities to do work outside and safe access to interact with the environment can build inner connection with the nature.
  10. And most importantly, observe silently!

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