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Research shows storytelling is the easiest way to learn as stories are more memorable. With Monti-Story Boxes, we want your stories and books to come alive with meaningful and fun activities. These activities are handmade specially curated for each and every box. Through this subscription box, we want to give your child a well rounded and memorable learning experience.

Monti-Story Book Box is just not any regular book box.  This box includes activities as well as Montessori information on how to use them. We’ve learned through observation that when we pair a book with a meaningful activity in cross-curriculum areas, children tend to have more engaging experience. Subscribe now for our next book box.

 July Book Box: All About Emotions is available to order now. These boxes will be mailed in the first week of July.



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-Carefully picked book to foster the love of reading. Every two months we will pick one book developmentally appropriate for the pre-primary age group. The selection of books may include fiction, non-fiction, board books, simple concepts, or interactive books.

-Montessori activities from each curriculum area. ( 6 activities in total)

– A Montessori lesson guide created by a Montessori certified teacher, full of ideas to create activities for your little one.

– Wooden handcrafted toys


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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 33 × 25.4 × 10 cm


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Monti-Story Box One Time Purchase

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